Coworker's Bridesmaid

My coworker asked me to be a bridesmaid – and I don't know how to get out of it

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Today we're talking about what happens when a coworker asks you to be in their wedding.


When my coworker asked if I’d be her bridesmaid, I was flattered and said yes. At the time, I thought it meant being with her on her wedding day, supporting her beforehand and wearing a dress I foolishly thought she’d provide. The other bridesmaid is her best friend and I’m the only person from work she’s asked to be part of her wedding.

That was a big mistake. She expects the other bridesmaids and I to purchase ugly, expensive dresses and today, she let me know her allegedly good news – she’s reserved rooms for us, and we’ll have a “three days of parties,” a rehearsal dinner on Friday, Saturday, and then the wedding and “blow out” reception, with “all expenses paid.”

Then she let me know the rooms would be double-occupancy and told me I’d love to room with her best friend. When I asked "What about my kids?” she looked shocked and said “This is a wedding, it’s for adults,” as if I was out of my mind.

I want out. I understand that to her these are the most important three days of her life but I’ve added up the dress, travel, gift and other expenses and I can’t afford it. I also don’t want to leave my kids with my ex-husband from Friday afternoon to Sunday night when I’m driving to and from hotel, and so I’d be paying a babysitter to boot.

She’s already upset with me. If I bow out now, she’s going to think I’m pushing to get her to invite my kids, or that I’m ungrateful for this “wonderful” opportunity she’s providing me. I’m afraid of how ugly things will be between us at work. What do I do?


Let her know you’re thrilled for her and that you considered it a true honor to be asked. Tell her what you thought the commitment was. Show her the money tally and say you are not asking for your kids to come, but to understand that your kids and finances prevent you from being what she needs you to be.

If she can’t understand, and even if she can, things may change between the two of you. Soften the blow to the degree you can by telling her how excited you are for her, giving her a lovely gift, and treating her with warmth and positive energy even if she treats you coldly.

You can’t make this situation perfect, but you can get through it, and you’ll have learned a great lesson, to ask “what would it involve?” before saying “yes” to an unexpected request.Read more at:princess formal dresses


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Last-minute outfit ideas

In the last-minute hunt for gifts, outfit ideas may be the last thing on your mind this Holiday season.

But fear not — from the little black dress to chic jumpsuits and pantsuits, fashion labels have been particularly creative this year, turning wardrobe classics into stylish and sophisticated ensembles for festive revelers.

Holiday is no excuse for a fashion faux pas, however. It’s definitely OK to opt for festive attire, but don’t go overboard. Steer clear of anything that’s too sexy, too busy or too casual.

It’s all about finding the right balance, nodding to the festive season while not looking out of place among guests.

Here are a few ideas for keeping it chic this Christmas and New Year.

Glitter, lamé and metallics in moderation

The Holiday season is synonymous with glitter, shiny metallics and lamé fabrics.

However, these shouldn’t be used in excess.

Die-hard glitter fans will be pleased to hear that various brands have short dresses covered entirely in sequins and other sparkles out for Holiday 2016, in shades of gold, silver and red.

If you decide to take the plunge, pair them with understated shoes, accessories and makeup.

Otherwise, look for plain or patterned dresses, tuxedo suits, jumpsuits or other outfits with little touches of glitter and/or lame.

Or, go for a dark-colored dress then accessorise with sparkly shoes, jewelry and accessories for a more festive look.

Classic, but chic

Some might say that little black dress is too “classic” for the Holiday season.

However, it’s always a winner, and can be easily accessorized to create a chic, stylish look with a seasonal, glamorous or rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

To stand out from the crowd, try ditching standard opaque tights and matching your LBD with fishnets, mesh or glitter tights.

Lots of brands have added detail to their little black dresses this year, reflecting current trends seen on 2016 catwalks.

There are LBDs in velvet — one of this winter’s hottest fabric trends — and with leather details or baroque motifs. Plus, most of this year’s designs use sheer fabrics or lace. They’re sure to turn heads.

Mix and match

How about matching a long, flowing pleated skirt with chunky knitwear?

Spots with stripes anyone?

Or how about wearing a brightly colored skirt or pants with a glitter top?

Holiday 2016 is a great time to try a mix and match approach. It’s all about finding the perfect pairing that’ll keep you comfortable while also looking good.

After all, this is one time of year when you can really let your hair down — you might as well make the most of it!

Once again, details like jewelry, shoes and bags make all the difference, so be bold, and dare to mix styles to create a fresh and festive look.Read more at:evening dresses australia | cocktail dress australia


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Cheap Goods Made in China

When it comes to East meets West in fashion, couture designer Grace Chen knows a thing or two. After all, Chen’s creations have appealed to a range of international stars, from Oprah Winfrey and Helen Mirren to Chinese mega-celebrity Fan Bingbing. But as the role model for global appeal released her Spring/Summer 2017 collection last week, other brands have come under fire for their East meets West attempts.

After criticism enveloped the recent Victoria’s Secret show featuring models wearing elaborate dragons, phoenixes, and other “Chinese” motifs wrapped around their bodies, China’s state-run tabloid Global Times expressed discontent with Western brands’ attempts to make their products appeal to Chinese shoppers, one of the most recent being Piaget’s rooster watch for Chinese New Year. Chen, whose latest designs incorporated influences from southwest China’s minority groups, has a similar sentiment. “This is not my idea of Chinese art at all,” she said, referring to the Victoria’s Secret display. “I would never do that. I would feel so embarrassed if I did that.”

“All they see is cheap goods made in China, so they think that’s China,” she continued. “But for us, it’s so cheap. They don’t understand Chinese art or fashion, they don’t understand China’s history, and the luxury of the culture. They have no idea.”

The luxury Chen refers to is the elements of Chinese culture—such as jade and porcelain—that influenced the French high jewelry and perfume brands in the Art Deco era, including Cartier and Chanel. Chen said brands could benefit from studying the impact this time period had on art and fashion instead of borrowing the more cliché elements. Chen voiced similar criticism after the China-themed Met Gala in 2015.

One only needs to look at Chen’s own designs to better understand her take on the issue. Dragon motifs are nowhere to be found. Instead, she draws on Chinese cultural elements in subtler ways. For this collection, she visited the Miao ethnic minority group in southern China to learn about their embroidery, and applied their techniques in several dresses, and gave Miao jewelry a modern twist.

Other cross-cultural elements are slightly more obvious. In some dresses she draws upon the qipao silhouette, while in others, it’s the British-style military uniform, but in most of her looks, the inspiration is more open to interpretation. There is one thing she wants to make clear throughout: anyone could wear her dresses. Even when the dress in question is a qipao, like in her fashion video that she collaborated on with Ali Mahadavi, French photographer and artistic director of the “Undressed to Kill” show at the Crazy Horse in Paris. “You don’t see that the British woman can’t wear it because it’s too Eastern,” Chen said. “You don’t feel that at all. She is wearing a red qipao, but she looks amazing, she looks like a rock star.”

This seamless mixture of cultures Chen chalks down to her background. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and worked for the brand Tadashi Shoji. She says she draws inspiration from global sources, from British literature to Italian films, and has 15 years of fashion design experience outside of China. “I understand people,” she said. “No matter where they’re coming from, New York, Paris, or Shanghai, for me they’re the same. They’re just women. They have different skin tones, they have different body types, but all I need to do is make them look better.”

This sentiment is showcased in her video, where a British woman and a Chinese woman each look in a mirror and sees the other’s reflection. The video was debuted at her runway show in Beijing’s Phoenix Center before heading to Shanghai for a salon show on Friday. The theme of the show was “Beautiful World,” a title inspired from a few lines of the Radiohead song, “Creep”: “You’re just like an angel / You’re skin makes me cry / You float like a feather / In a beautiful world.” (“I’ve listened to it so many times, I had to make a collection based on this song,” Chen said).

The result was a show that is her most colorful yet, which Chen said is partly the result of her freedom to be more relaxed as a designer, now that it has been more than four years since she first opened her studio in Beijing’s Yintai Center. Earlier this year, she opened her first studio in Shanghai, The House of Grace Chen, and has plans to soon expand into Hong Kong. She said her markets differ slightly in that “in Shanghai, you don’t have to convince them, but in Beijing, you really have to talk to people and really get yourself out there to really work with them and influence them.”

But in the end, she said, it comes down to “universal beauty.” “As long as you look nice or more beautiful, that’s it,” she said. “You don’t have to represent your country all the time, right?”

“People are becoming global citizens, so I think the industry has to go to that direction as well.”Read more at:formal dresses melbourne | marieaustralia.com


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“The Real” Talk Show

Ashley Graham has been killing the fashion and beauty game as of late, and we can’t get enough of the looks she’s been serving. From her hip-hugging outfits to her flawless hair and fierce makeup looks, this model is definitely a force to be reckoned with! She recently made an appearance on The Real talk show hosted by former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon, comedian Loni Love, makeup artist Jeannie Mai, and former Sister, Sister actress Tamera Mowry. Graham donned a black sleeveless turtle neck dress, paired with metallic lace up heels, accessorizing with dangling gold earrings and a fashion forward top knot. Showing off her hourglass figure and subtle eye makeup, the model posted a picture on Instagram captioned, “Top knot vibes” before her appearance on the show.

Naturally, her followers freaked out. It’s not a rare occurrence for Graham to post a fire selfie, but just like us, her fans simply cannot get used to her inhuman good looks. Graham also posted a picture post-talk show, with her in the center of the co-hosts, all deep in conversation. She shouts out host, Tamera Mowry, in particular, captioning her shot, “Sister Sister!

Ashley Graham’s Makeup and Beauty Regimen

It’s obvious that Ashley Graham takes amazing care of herself—you don’t get a glowing complexion like hers without a little time and effort. Dying to know some of her secret beauty tips? Don’t worry, Ashley Graham sat down with Vogue to share some makeup tips on how she gets herself red carpet ready when she doesn’t have a glam squad of hair and makeup artists on hand!

Starting with a moisturizer, the model notes that it’s important to remember to moisturize your neck as well, not just your face! Going in with an eye cream right before foundation, Graham says, “I’ve actually been using eye cream since I was 15 years old.” She then goes in with some foundation and concealer, patting in the products with her fingers. Using a brush to tap in some setting powder, she applies this to areas where she doesn’t want her makeup to move. A few swipes of blush, bronzer, and highlight later, Ashley’s Graham’s complexion is complete. Setting her brows in place, she moves onto darkening her freckles. Embracing her beauty marks, Graham likes to emphasize them so that her foundation and concealer doesn’t completely hide them. Finally, she uses her finger to apply a light layer of lipstick so that the color payoff is “not as aggressive,” and spritzes her hairstyle with a little hairspray to make sure it stays in place. A painfully simple red carpet routine, we can’t believe how stunning she looks after a few minutes of prep.

Unafraid to take risks with both fashion and makeup, we look up to Graham for her fierce sense of style. Her recent Instagram post showed her rocking electric blue winged eyeliner, and getting some fresh nail art done. With nude almond shaped nails and a reverse silver sparkle gradient, Ashley Graham’s manicure falls nothing short of fabulous!Read more at:unique formal dresses | bridesmaid dress


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Mariah showcases chemistry

Mariah Carey showed off her electric chemistry with dancer beau Bryan Tanaka onstage during a performance at New York City's Beacon Theater.

The 46-year-old singer kicked off her All I Want For Christmas Is You tour with a spectacular performance prior to the holiday lights switch on at the Empire State Building on Monday (06Dec16)

Mariah looked stunning in a red leotard, military style jacket and platform Christian Louboutin boots, with Bryan never straying far from her side throughout the performance.

The We Belong Together singer and Bryan showed off their love connection onstage during the superstar singer's performance of one of her hits, with a source telling Entertainment Tonight: "Mariah's chemistry with Bryan was subtle, but undeniable.

"It is the way they communicate. They seem so happy in each other's presence. They are on the same page - their laughing and the glances between them."

Bryan was also on hand to hoist the singer on his shoulders as she performed at the annual holiday lighting ceremony at the iconic New York landmark.

Mariah confirmed she was dating the 33-year-old dancer last month (Nov16), as the pair frolicked on the beach together - weeks after her split from Australian billionaire fiance James Packer.

The dancer first met Mariah in 2005, when he was hired to perform with her.

"We've been friends for a long time," he told E! News at a viewing party for her new reality series, Mariah's World, on Sunday (05Dec16). "Something connected with us back in the day and there was just a mutual admiration."

"She saw something in me that I actually didn't recognize at first, from that it was over. It was set in history that we were gonna be connected some way, some how," he gushed about the singer.

In the premiere episode of her series, Mariah is seen trying on her wedding dress and postponing her nuptials to James to focus on her tour.Read more at:long formal dresses | formal dresses 2016


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Fashion breakthrough

FROM France's burkini furore to New York Fashion Week's first-ever show featuring a hijab as part of every look, Muslim fashion has captured Western headlines this year, as modest fashion becomes arguably more mainstream than ever in many parts of Europe and North America.

Last weekend, 19-year-old Halima Aden caught the fashion world's attention when she became the first Miss Minnesota USA competitor to sport a hijab and a burkini during the pageant. The Somali-American teenager opted to stay covered for the competition's swimsuit category and kept her hair under wraps for all other rounds of the event, with the support of its organisers, reported local news channel Kare 11. This week she took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone, with a message that included the statement: "Beauty isn't a one size fits all. We need to celebrate everyone and welcome those who are different than us."

Aden isn't the first woman to push this particular boundary – and it looks like the fashion industry might finally be taking note. Following the widespread outrage following some French cities' creation of a short-lived 'burkini ban' this summer, 2016 has seen several proactive 'modest fashion' moments.

Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan set the tone in September when her New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 catwalk show hit the headlines for exclusively featuring hijab-clad models, dressed elegantly in trousers, tunics and long-sleeved dresses. Then in November, Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia was unveiled as the star of cosmetic giant CoverGirl's latest commercial. The YouTube sensation was recruited by the makeup brand, which has developed a reputation for championing diversity via its models and ambassadors, to front the campaign for its new 'So Lashy! BlastPro' mascara, which launched on Nov 1. "I'm so excited to be a part of CoverGirl's new campaign," Afia said at the time. "It feels so surreal. Honestly, growing up and being insecure about wearing the hijab I never thought I would see Muslim women represented on such a large scale."

The strongest message came at the very beginning of 2016, in January, when Dolce & Gabbana announced plans to launch its 'Abaya Collection'. Aimed at clients in the Middle East, the collection featured the Italian house's signature bold prints, alongside lace-trimmed hemlines and a dash of jeweled embellishment, ensuring that the lightweight pieces radiate glamour while remaining conservative in structure.Read more at:short cocktail dresses | 2016 formal dresses


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8 reasons winter weddings

Close your eyes and imagine a picture of your perfect wedding day. It probably looks like this: A warm sunny day, a lot of pretty flowers, immaculately green lawn, your family all gathered outside to witness the ceremony of your life, your amazing husband-to-be and you, walking down the aisle in a stunning dress that takes the guest’s breaths for a few moments.

Now, scratch that out and get ready to change your lifetime perception of the most beautiful wedding ceremony ever and, most importantly, the time of the year it should be scheduled for!

What about turning your big day into a winter wonderland? It might be preferred instead of waiting for the busiest wedding season and dealing with a bunch of organizational issues like fishing out the last wedding photographer that wasn’t booked for the date of your ceremony two years in advance.

And, as the main color of all weddings is white, a winter wedding is just meant to be! So here's why you should choose a winter wedding.

The wedding is going to stand out

Do you know anyone who had his/her wedding in winter? The magic of the winter wedding is unrepeatable. It’s the excitement similar to what we feel when experiencing the first snowfall of the season, gathering with the family to decorate the house for Christmas, waking up early in the morning to open presents, combined with the overwhelming love and romance of a wedding. It’s like the winter magic and love explosion happening in people’s hearts.

No unpredictable weather

If you’re going to have your wedding during winter months, I’d suggest planning it for the time of the year when the temperatures get quite low and the snowfall remains quite stable within your local area. Then the chances of a sudden weather change letting you down and ruining the most important day of your life decreases, unlike what routinely happens during summer, spring and fall ceremonies. Of course, it might snow, but it’s the natural ‘special effect’ I would love to have at my wedding, as it is 100 times better than having a white Christmas.

The venues are all yours

Someone may think that it’s completely impractical to schedule the wedding for winter. But that’s until they discover the numerous opportunities and even financial benefits this decision will open to them. Just think about one of the most important wedding preparation issues summer brides need to deal with – the lack of the venue choice – and you’ll understand how great it will be to be able to choose an amazing venue without hearing that it’s already booked.

Special venue décor

As winter colors are quite neutral, they create a perfect backdrop for any color and decoration theme you prefer. But, what’s the point of having a winter wedding when not turning it into a winter wonderland dream come true?

The choice of vendors

As December, January and February are the least popular months among brides, the same applies to the vendors. When there’re not too many weddings going on, you won’t have to compete with other brides for the chance to get the caterers or the videographer you want to work on your wedding. In addition to that, you’ll receive high-quality service (as the vendors won’t come to your wedding being extremely tired after the previous ceremony they worked for) with a good possibility of a seasonal discount.

Great pictures

Winter wedding pictures are anything but typical. If you’re lucky enough to schedule the ceremony on a snowy day, the pictures will turn out extremely magical and fairy tale-like. Besides, when the land is covered in snow, there’s no such thing as a bad weather for pictures. The lighting will always be great.

The details you won’t be able to incorporate in summer

As unpopular wedding timing will save you money on major expenses (like venue and vendors), you’ll be able to invest them in the details to make your ceremony more personal and touching. You’ll be able to concentrate more on venue decorating and adorn it not just with flowers, but with winter-themed elements like wreaths, Christmas trees, sleighs, fake snow and beautiful statues carved out of ice. The fur wedding shawl for the bride is to die for, and your guests will certainly love a pair of gloves, a warm scarf and a hot chocolate kit as the favors.

Everyone you’d like to invite will come

As most weddings happen throughout the May-September time stretch, the summer brides have to fight not only for the perfect venue, the best DJ and a somewhat acceptable caterer, but also for the guests who seem to be invited to a million of other weddings throughout the season and who also want to go on a vacation in between their best friend’s and sister’s ceremony. In winter, everyone’s at home, everyone’s happy to attend a special event to bring some magic to their monotonous winter days, and everyone’s budget is healed up after being broken by a ton of presents bought for those numerous summer couples.Read more at:cocktail dress australia | bridesmaid dress


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