David Gandy Swoop on Milan

“We’re on our way back to London now — if Doris lets us fly,” saidDavid Gandy, who, along with Suki Waterhouse, made a quick trip to Milan to talk to guests at a British Airways tea party on Corso Como.

He was referring to Storm Doris, which pounded the U.K. with rain, snow and winds that hit 95 miles per hour last week.

Gandy, a British model and entrepreneur, has just inked a fresh three-year deal with Marks & Spencer, expanding on his modeling and ambassadorial role to consult on suiting and formalwear.

He was chatting to — and posing for selfies with — guests alongside Waterhouse, who was also jetting back to London so she could then hop a plane to New Orleans to start filming “Assassination Nation.”

Good thing both are friendly with British Airways.

Waterhouse’s film, written and directed by Sam Levinson, centers on a clutch of suburban teenage girls who become victims of hacking. It also stars Hari Nef and Odessa Young.

Kendall Jenner also made a stop in Milan to cut the ribbon on the newly relocated La Perla boutique at 14 Via Montenapoleone. The model and reality TV star had walked on the La Perla runway in New York earlier this month.

The new space spans 2,600 square feet across two floors. It was designed by Baciocchi Associati Studio, and was expanded to house the new ready-to-wear offer developed by creative director, Julia Haart.Read more at:cocktail dress australia | formal dresses online australia


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Stylist Bay Garnett's top tips

Stella Tennant, Cecilia Chancellor, Erin O’Connor and designer Bella Freud became champions of second-hand style last Thursday, as they modelled charity shop finds on the catwalk for Oxfam and its Fashion Fighting Poverty campaign.

Opening a schedule that would see more than 80 designers present an average of 35 looks each, it was a timely reminder that there are already a lot of clothes in the ether and that, with a little creativity, you might find yourself being the best dressed of the pack for a fraction of the cost.

“This show was to highlight that Oxfam really does have great things,” says Bay Garnett, contributing editor of Vogue, and the woman responsible for bringing the show together. “Going to second-hand stores isn’t something that only wacky dressers do – I’ve bought some of my favourite grey cashmere sweaters from charity shops.”

Given the run of the Oxfam warehouse in Milton Keynes, Garnett was able to see the vast range of clothing that gets donated. Womenswear sales brought in £13.6 million for the charity last year; for every £10 spent, clean water can be provided for 10 people in an emergency, or a mosquito net bought to help prevent malaria. That is why this new fashion campaign is so crucial for Oxfam’s business.

“There was a lot of Seventies Jaeger, plenty of Burberry trench coats, some Edwardian-wear and hundreds of wedding dresses,” says Garnett of what she found. “A real mix alongside masses of recent high street pieces. The majority was Seventies and Eighties styles, though.”

Her catwalk cast emerged in looks that felt as if they were their own clothes – the androgynous Tennant owning a pinstripe suit, and O’Connor modelling a hero find from the hunt: a patent Yves Saint Laurent trench coat from the Stefano Pilati era.

As an ardent advocator of thrift style, Garnett offers plenty of tips to those of us who love the idea of charity shopping, but are perhaps intimidated by visions of jumble sale environments.

“Go in with an objective,” Garnett advises. “Maybe you want to find a black velvet blazer. You might not actually see one, but it will tune you into the search. When you go in looking for nothing, you get overwhelmed by the randomness of what’s in front of you.”

“Labels aren’t everything,” she adds. “Fabric is the most important thing to look at first. Ask yourself, is this a quality find or is it polyester that will scratch me? Don’t buy things with stains on, either. You always think you’ll clean them off, but never bother.”

Bella Freud, the knitwear designer, who made her catwalk debut in Oxfam’s show, says that her approach is to stick to her style signatures.

“Both of my outfits were things I would absolutely wear – a boyish look with a tie on one day, a long vintage dress on another. You know in your heart if something is 'you’ when vintage shopping.”

Stella Tennant, meanwhile, advises that thrifting can actually be a good time to experiment. “Be open minded,” she says. “I’ll often pick up things that are nothing like what I’d usually wear, but in a good way.

“One of my best ever finds was a lilac velvet skirt, which sounds out of character for me, but I loved it for a long time.”

One thing that all the experts agree is needed, however, is imagination. “The most important thing is to lift something out of context,” says Garnett. “You’re going through the rail and that jacket might be next to some stained tracksuit bottoms and an ugly polo shirt.”

“In fashion boutiques all the work is done for you – you buy into that world, hence the expense. But think about what your Oxfam jacket will look like with, say, your Gucci loafers, and you’re being smarter than the average shopper.

“You’ve done something that’s good for charity and the environment, sure, but also, for once, no one else has got it except you.”Read more at:year 10 formal dresses | cocktail dresses online


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Republicans prefer blondes

Kellyanne Conway, Ann Coulter and Ivanka Trump.

(Photo:cheap formal dresses melbourne)

Excellent question, Jonathan! I was pondering something similar myself recently while looking through Ivanka Trump’s fashion collection on ivankatrump.com, which seems to be one of the only places it is stocked these days. The grimly bland suede pumps, the simpering floral shifts, the just-flirtatious-enough body-skimming little black dresses – welcome, people, to death by mainstream feminine. You know how your mother (or mother-in-law) goes on about how you wear too much black/denim/weird stuff, and you can’t figure out what the hell it is she expects you to wear? Well, allow me to introduce you to Ivanka Trump. What a shame it seems to be sold almost nowhere these days, as these are the clothes your mother (in-law) dreams of. Oh well, looks like she’ll have to put up with you in your awesome Bella Freud jumper and Topshop wide-legged culottes combo for another weekend!

This got me thinking about the look of American rightwing women in general. There is a cliche about how leftwing women look – popular, as it happens, on the right wing – and it can pretty much be summed up as “ugly, jack-booted, feminazi psycho lesbian”. Think any negative stereotype about feminists in the 1970s, or any endorsed by Rod Liddle today, and you have the vision. Even arguing with this cliche feels like a means of giving it credence but, seriously, you only need to look at, say, MSNBC, the American leftwing cable news channel, to see how absurd it is. There’s Andrea Mitchell, who Gawker once described as looking “like all the Golden Girls at once”, which is literally the highest compliment I’ve ever heard; the fabulous Joy-Ann Reid, one of the most prominent female African-American correspondents in the country, who can rock a block-coloured shift dress like nobody’s business; and probably most famously, Rachel Maddow, the no-nonsense evening host who gives Republicans a shrift as short as her hair. (OK, that analogy might need some punching up.) The point is, the diversity is great when it comes to the styles of leftwing media women, and we haven’t even discussed American leftwing political women. I mean, I’ve heard them described as “shrill” (which I think is Republican speak for “female I haven’t paid for”) but no one’s ever going to confuse Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren.

But then we turn to rightwing women. Kellyanne Conway, Scottie Nell Hughes,Tomi Lahren, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Ivanka Trump, and pretty much every single woman on Fox News: a uniform vision of girlishly long bottle-blond hair. When I see them all lined up as talking heads on the news, I get a rare insight into what it must be like to gaze upon the bar area of one of those private American tennis clubs that don’t allow anyone whose name is “too urban” or ends in -stein or -berg. Welcome, people, to death by Wasp.

Nor is there any of the variety in fashion that you see on the left. Some leftwing women wear pantsuits (remember those?), some wear edgy designers like Proenza Schouler orBalenciaga, some wear no-messing skirt suits and some wear trusty jeans and sweats. But American rightwing women all dress exactly the same, which is to say, mainstream feminine – dresses, not trousers; heels, not flats; no interesting cuts, just body-skimming, cleavage-hinting, not-scaring-the-horses tedium. These are the kind of women who take pride in saying things like “I’m not into fashion – I like style”, and by “style” they mean “clothes that men like me to wear”. They think anyone who criticises Disney’s fetishisation of princesses is just jealous.

The uniformity of this style suggests a political statement which, indeed, it is. Theirs is a look that defiantly embraces the most conservative notions of femininity and firmly rejects any idea of modernity, let alone feminism. The idea of dressing for themselves – to have fun, to experiment with different styles – is as anathema to them as questioning the political, social and moral beliefs they have absorbed since they were 14 years old.

How hard it must be having to operate within such a narrow aesthetic palette. I mean, this is a demographic that considers being brunette a physical deformity (which may be another reason why Melania and Donald Trump never look entirely comfortable around one another: his preference has always been for blondes and, boy, does she know it.) And that’s a reflection of how hard it is to be an American conservative full stop, to reject the existence of modernity when it is all around you: to maintain your insistence that gay people are immoral when you have a gay nephew whom you always adored; to insist that immigrants are dangerous when your grandparents immigrated to the US; to argue that abortions are evil when your daughter has had at least one. And yet, they grip hard on to these beliefs, just as they hold hard on to their curling tongs which they twirl through their long blond locks every morning.

Well, ladies, the tenacity of your dogma is impressive, even if the dogma itself isn’t. I honestly have no idea how you have the patience to blow out your long hair every day and get your roots done every month, but, in the scheme of things, that’s the least of my questions about your daily life. And Ivanka Trump, where you probably bought some of your clothes, is harder to get than ever. Truly, as many of these women tell us on a near daily basis, life is tough when you’re a privileged, blond, white lady.Read more at:plus size formal dresses australia


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Mandy Moore desperate

74th Golden Globe Awards


The This Is Us star has always been impressed with the British actress' looks and she would love to spend time with her talking fashion.

"If I were friends with Sienna Miller, I'd like to raid her closet," she tells Us Weekly magazine at the New York Fashion Week presentation of Alice + Olivia's new collection. "We're not friends, but Sienna, I'm absolutely open!"

Mandy has been receiving rave reviews for her own style on the red carpet this awards season in clothes and accessories loaned to her by some of her favourite brands. The feedback is bittersweet for the former child star, because she always has to return the items - and she fears she'll never be able to repeat the look in other clothes.

"I was pretty sad to send the Naeem Khan dress I wore to the Golden Globes back," she admits, "I was like, 'Aww, that's my superhero cape'.

"(Shoes and jewellery are the worst to hand back) because you're like, 'I could actually re-purpose that. I could wear that again. I could find a totally inventive new way to rock that'. So that's always a bummer."

However, when loaned outfits make their return to the original owner, Mandy mourns the clothing by buying new stuff on the internet.

"I'm going to be honest, I'm a Shopbop and Net-A-Porter addict," she shares. "Yeah, it's bad. You know what I love? The ease and convenience of shopping online. In fact, it's too easy I think, but it's too much fun!"Read more at:cocktail dress australia


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Smart ways to modernise

Many Indian designers are exploring the depths of contemporary apparel for inspiration and creating their own style to make it perfect for millennial. From experimenting with fabrics and prints to adding some jewellery can do the trick and modernise your Indian traditional look, says an expert.

Ishita Sanghal Gupta, Founder of Zurova, shared tips on how one can modernise their contemporary wear.

* Contemporary wear can always be updated with the latest fashion trends and fads depending on personal style and taste.

* The latest fashion trends like Athleisure have often been incorporated with contemporary pieces to create a unique look whether looking at street style or fashion weeks.

Jewellery is a definite way of changing the purview of any contemporary clothing, one can choose from a variety of hair accessories, statement earrings or neckpieces, hand jewelry like cuffs, bracelets, watches, hand harnesses and definitely rings.

* To update contemporary wear and mould it into a modernized version of your personal style, one can hugely depend on accessorising with bags, belts, cover-ups or scarves. One can also try jewellery to glam up your contemporary look.

* As seen as street style, experimenting with colour and materials can also support in making a style statement. You can give your outfit a bold and dramatic effect by colour blocking using bold and risqué colors that one can carry off well.

* A different perspective to give a modernized vibe to your contemporary outfit can be by giving the finishing touches from makeup and hair. As of the current times, the nudes and plums, as well as dramatically eye-popping bold colours have hit off as popular shades looking at the face palette.

The hairstyling area speaks more of intricate hairstyles that have come into the picture leaving the simple ones in the past. From a number of braiding styles to beachy waves, all lend a helping hand to give the ultimate finishing touch to a chic and modern contemporary outfit.Read more at:red formal dresses | cheap formal dresses online


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31st China Wedding Expo

31st China Wedding Expo

(Photo:pink cocktail dresses)

The 31st China Wedding Expo, sponsored by the China Portrait Photography Society (CPPS) and the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai, will be held concurrently with China Baby Photo Expo 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from February 22 to February 25, 2017. The event is hosted by Shanghai International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

The highly professional event has become the trendsetter for China’s wedding photography industry

The China Wedding Expo is being held for the 16th consecutive year. The solid 16 years of experience that the organizers have under their belt speaks to the event’s many achievements over the years and today. The China Baby Photo Expo is the nationwide event for the gathering of the leading players in China’s portrait photography industry, while serving as the international expo for Asia’s leading association across the sector, United Asian Professional Photography (UAPP). The expo is the place where the latest frontier technologies and innovations across the portrait photography industry are unveiled. As the trendsetter and leader for China’s wedding photography industry, the China Wedding Expo has become the sector’s largest professional and international expo in Asia and across the globe, and has consistently drawn wide attention from industry insiders.

The largest expo of its kind worldwide, with more than 1,000 new products being debuted

The 31st China Wedding Expo, housing over 1,000 domestic and international exhibitors across a 120,000-square meter space, maintains the event’s role as one of the world’s largest bridal and wedding exhibitions. More than 100,000 visitors are expected to pass through the entrance doors during the 4-day event. The venue will be host to four exhibition platforms – the China International Wedding Dress & Fashion Accessories Expo, the China Wedding Theme Photography Expo, the China Wedding Photo Album, Frame & Supplies Expo and the China Wedding Supplies and Honeymoon Photography Expo – in addition to 12 themed pavilions. It will house the leading brands throughout the industry and the most comprehensive range of wedding dress themes. More than 1,000 new products from domestic and international exhibitors will be on display for the first time, with the expectation of drawing the attention of industry watchers worldwide.

The increasingly international focus of the event has translated into an unprecedented number of leading Chinese and foreign brands contending on the same stage

Some of the most influential high-end wedding dress brands from the United States, Italy, Malaysia and Japan will stand side by side with China’s leading brands as they vie for attention from buyers and reviewers. South Korea’s top wedding dress brands favored by Korean celebrities and consumers are expected to have a major footprint at the expo. Joining hands with high-cost designers, these brands will showcase new luxury wedding dresses featuring fashion elements that are currently trending in China. Leading brands for a wide array of premier cosmetics, accessories, albums, frames and props for the taking and exhibiting of photographs plan to exhibit stunning new products at the event, setting the direction for the next fashion trends across the industry.

Cutting-edge portrait photography combines with the latest Internet technology, redefining wedding photography as they meet expections from consumers for a higher level of customization

The China Wedding Expo has continually and successfully executed on its self-appointed mission of “highlighting new products and leading the trends across the wedding industry”, keeping the event at the forefront of industry and fashion trends as well as a serving as a driver for innovation. Top theme photography brands from China and abroad will gather in the well-defined exhibition zones, where they will showcase how new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), virtual reality (VR) and live photography are applied in the theme, outdoor, honeymoon and destination wedding photography segments, resulting in incomparable and personalized photography experiences for new couples.

A wide variety of concurrent events create platforms for exchanges and cooperation

During the 31st China Wedding Expo, the CPPS Executive Representative Assembly, the Inauguration Ceremony of the CPPS Professional Committee for Post-Production, and the “Thesis” Seminar for Secretaries General of Wedding Photography Industry Associations in China will be held concurrently. The sponsors of the event have also organized a variety of lectures and events, including an exhibition of the works that will be entered into the competition for the World Photographic Cup, the 2017 China Wedding Dress and Gown Procurement and Exchange Salon, makeup training courses, lectures on color and quality control in post-production, the Internet + Mater Forum, and seminars on score system management.

People-oriented services that create a healthy trade environment

The China Wedding Expo plans to continue focusing on further enhancements to the brand as well as on innovations in services. For this year’s event, a special lounge section for the directors of the China Portrait Photography Society as well as a separate section for consultations concerning legal matters will be set up, creating a comfortable environment for business discussions.

Multiple pre-registration channels, including the official website, the downloadable app and the event’s WeChat presence, are easily accessible to anyone wishing to attend. By completing the pre-registration form available on any of the channels and showing the provided pass upon arrival at the event, visitors will be able to gain entry to the exhibition site without needing to wait in line and go through any check-in procedure.

China Baby Photo Expo: the children’s photography market is expected to take off thanks to favorable government policies

Stimulated by the change in the Chinese government’s policy which now allows couples to have a second child, the children’s photography market has entered into a period of explosive development. China Baby Photo Expo 2017 will be held concurrently and the 20,000+ square-meter exhibition is expected to attract 50,000 attendees. The event will showcase a full range of products and services from the leading brands at affordable prices in the W4 and W5 halls. It is an event not to be missed.Read more at:white formal dresses


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this new label says yes

Following a career that spanned television styling to working in magazines, Jane Mow was placed as creative director and designer of new label, Willa and Mae, which will launch this month.

“The brand is about contrasts,” she explains. “We’ve got the ‘Willa’ character who is rebellious, sassy and deliberate. And then the ‘Mae’ side which is groomed, effortless and graceful. The brand is about mashing those two vastly opposing ideas together to create original, unexpected and harmonious designs that are functional”

On wearing sleepwear as everyday-wear, Mow is in the affirmative, suggesting adding a pair of heels to a full pyjama set, or tucking in a shirt and adding a sharp pair of white sneakers for a lunch time outing, and for the night a silk dress and silk blazer with a leather jacket on top. “It’s certainly unexpected to wear sleepwear out of the house…. but you want people to say wow, didn’t expect that to work!” But keep in mind which pyjamas you choose to wear in the daytime, she notes, pointing out quality is key. “If sleepwear is going to exist outside of the bedroom - it should be robust enough to hold up to daily movement. So, you see the integrity of the fabric and the seams are going to be a big focus. At W&M, it’s already our absolute priority.”

Mow also points to Instagram as encouraging the sleepwear trend. “People want to be seen as effortlessly stylish, even in their own home. And just as lingerie is often the foundation of feeling good in any garment, what you sleep in sets the tone for who you believe you are as a person. And, starting the day in luxurious silk sleepwear is enough to make anyone feel like a million bucks!”Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia | cocktail dresses australia


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Sculpting a marriage

ice scuplture

(Photo:short formal dresses)

Whether it's two kissing swans or a large love heart, ice sculptures are a thing of beauty.

And they're getting increasingly popular at weddings.

Ice Creations is the ice sculpture supplier for this year's Win a Wedding competition.

The owner, Alan Barlow, said he fell in love with ice sculptures when he first saw one 20 years ago.

And, whereas people might think intricate ice sculptures would take days or even weeks to create, Alan said they take about 45 minutes.

The first stage of the process is to freeze the block, and make it clear in colour by circulating the water.

Then, carvers use various electrical equipment such as chainsaws to carve the ice into its shape.

Alan, who is based in Newport, said: "A block of ice weighing about 20 stone can be carved within about 45 minutes. We generally make carvings the week that it's going out, because you have to be prepared for cancellations sometimes."

According to Alan, the funniest sculpture he has ever been asked to make for a wedding was a ball and chain – by request of the bride.

"That bride must have had a real sense of humour. Obviously the theme of the day in love and most of the time the sculptures will be things like kissing swans or hearts. Once, we did Cardiff Winter Wonderland which was 40 tonnes of ice. We flew carvers in from around the world to help."

Often at weddings, the ice sculptures are used as luges to hold vodka for the guests.

Alan said: "It has been the busiest year ever for us which is amazing. I'm massively looking forward to being a part of the competition."

The bride and groom that win this year's competition will win the wedding worth £20,000.

They will marry at the Queens Hotel in Cheltenham on April 13, 2018.

It will include rings, a dress, a hen party and much more.

The winning couple is simply the pair that collects the most tokens from the newspaper.

A supplement with all the participating couples will be published on Saturday February 11 along with the first token in both the Citizen and Echo.

Tokens will printed daily from Saturday February 11 for four weeks until Saturday March 11.

All tokens must be received by 12pm on Wednesday March 15. The couple who collect the most tokens will win the wedding.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia


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