4 rules for the good life

Four things I have recently learned to do:

1. Don’t dance too close to other people on the dance floor.

My legs are killing me. I went to a fashion show in Charters Towers last weekend and danced until midnight.

My right foot is also throbbing. A rather sturdy, enthusiastic woman on the dancefloor accidentally stomped on my foot while doing the Nutbush. I nearly died.

I limped back to my chair but was back up again soon after because, let’s face it, who can sit still through some old-school boogie? Not me! I get twitchy.

I am a grinder on the floor.

I don’t really know any other moves except that side-to-side-shuffle-and-clap.

I also do a knee bend thing and swing my arms around like a gorilla.

I think this by far is my best move.

Those country girls can dance. Next time though I am just going to dance in my own little bubble; maybe set out some markers and dance people out of the circle when they get too close to me.

2. Find a cleaner you are comfortable enough with that you do NOT clean up before they get there.

I know, I know! But seriously, talking to other people, they also do this. I don’t have a weekly cleaner. She comes once a month and does a big clean. I find it easier to maintain the house that way and I can stay on top of it. Our house is huge and while I feel guilty for spending money on something that I can do myself, it has been a huge relief. You would be surprised the mess that one little toddler, two enormous dogs, myself and one husband (who is home only six months of the year) can make.

I have had other cleaners in the past and I would rush around like a chicken with its head cut off a few hours before they were due to arrive, panicking because I didn’t want them to judge me for my dirty house. Which is ridiculous because that is what they are paid to fix.

So I don’t clean for my cleaner now and, as she said to me recently (and funnily enough so has the lady who does my waxing), “Trust me, we have always seen worse than yours!” (I don’t like to think about it).

3. Just let your hairdresser do whatever she wants.

After many years of trying to explain what I want to hairdressers, bringing in pictures, changing styles and colours, I have pretty much just given up. If your hairdresser is any good, they will know what suits you. I go in with no expectations. I just give up the reins and let her do whatever she wants. So far I have not regretted this decision.

4. Pay attention to smart people and stop listening to whiners.

I used to give everyone my full attention and I have stopped doing this. Why?

Because I don’t have that much time on my hands anymore, so when I do it needs to add value. This doesn’t mean you can’t come and have a vent to me, but let’s work out a solution together and move on.

PS: A very happy birthday to my husband who tolerates my bad dancing, falling asleep in the middle of dinner parties and bad taste in music. You have the heart the size of a pumpkin and I love you very much.

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Tour guide for a weekend

“Okay, that’s all I have for today. Have a great weekend!” my Media Studies professor said. Already prepared to leave, I quickly threw my backpack over my shoulder and headed out of the door. It was time to pick up my prospective student! She would be staying two nights in my dorm as a part of Spring Fling, an admissions program designed specifically for admitted black students. Excited to finally meet my ‘prospie,’ I made my way to the admissions office.

An abundance of high schoolers and their parents flocked both inside and outside the building. Not knowing where exactly my prospie was, I walked around the entire office, trying to see if any of the girls resembled my prospie’s Facebook photo. Fortunately, my prospie soon spared me from my embarrassment and called out my name, recognizing me from my Facebook photo. Laughing it off, I introduced myself to her and her mother and offered to bring them to my dorm so that my prospie could drop off her suitcases. After saying goodbye to her family, my prospie and I headed up to my room.

I gave her a quick tour of my apartment and told her what I had planned for us to do. No Lost Generation, a student organization that supports young people affected by conflicts in Iraq and Syria, was holding a refugee panel and movie screening in the Multicultural Student Center. I thought this event would be a great way to show my prospie some of the clubs and organizations U.Va. has to offer, learn more about the Syrian refugee crisis and introduce her to a few of my friends. She thought this was a great idea, happily agreeing to go.

Two U.Va. students and one Charlottesville resident served on the refugee panel. Their stories were truly moving and insightful. Not only had these panelists faced incredible violence and suffering while in their home countries, but they also experienced — and continue to experience — the difficulties of immigrating and adjusting to American life, with challenges from language barriers to discrimination.

After a short question and answer session, everyone made a plate of Middle Eastern food and sat down to watch “After Spring”, a documentary about the Syrian civil war. The movie followed the lives of several Syrian families in a refugee camp, showing how the war has personally affected them. We unfortunately had to leave before the movie ended; nonetheless, my prospie really enjoyed the event and was glad to see a glimpse of the University’s diversity.

The next day was the official start of Days on the Lawn and Spring Fling. While I went to class and did some homework, my prospie and her mother attended several Days on the Lawn activities and events. I later met up with her at the admissions office and brought her back to my room. We rushed to get ready for annual Creative Raw And Very Edgy fashion show, a student-run event (also known as C.R.A.V.E.) benefitting the Charlottesville Boys and Girl Club. Luckily we made it there right when it started.

The models’ fierce struts and gorgeous outfits blew us away. We could tell that the models, as well as many students behind the scenes, worked countless hours to ensure that the show was a success. After meeting up with some of my friends, we headed to the show’s after-party, and then ended the night with a trip to Cook Out.

Sadly, my prospie had to leave that Saturday afternoon, as she had a long drive back home. She thanked me for letting her stay with me and was happy that she came for Spring Fling. She really enjoyed her time here and is now seriously considering coming to U.Va. Overall, I am very glad that I was able to make a good impression and hopefully persuaded her to join the Class of 2021.

This weekend with my prospie ultimately led me to reminisce about my DOTL experience and the first few weeks of my first semester. As a first-year, I was amazed by the novelty of all the fun, new things college had to offer; I know that my prospie was experiencing the same emotions. Now, as a rising third-year, much of that novelty has worn off, and college life has become somewhat of a routine. Though I take new classes every semester, many events and activities lack the thrill and excitement I once felt as a first-year.

Nonetheless, hosting a student reminded me that next semester does not have to follow this routine — there are several ways upperclassmen can recreate some of the novelty of first year.

We can attend more events that we usually do not go to, from discussion panels to UPC programs. We can also join one or two new organizations or take on different positions and leadership in the clubs that we are already in. More importantly, we can actively try to forge new connections and friendships outside of our familiar groups of friends.

Overall, there are still many new things to try and new people to meet, and being an upperclassman does not have to put an end to that.Read more at:year 10 formal dresses | evening dresses online


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Leatherworld ME 2017

Antonio Vietri, an Italian shoe designer, is returning to the Leatherworld Middle East 2017 with his latest creation, a women's collection of 24 karat gold embossed, diamond encrusted heels. He designer's newest high-end niche range is naturally targeted toward an exclusive type of customer, and he will spare no expense in delivering his gilded stilettos.

Vietri was a crowd favourite at Dubai's Leatherworld Middle East exhibition last year, when he launched a pair of blue suede loafers with gold ribbons weaved into the outsole.

"The collection also features silk pumps embossed with gold or silver and buyers can customise them if they wish with pearls, Swarovski crystals or diamonds. I am delighted to officially unveil my women's collection at Leatherworld Middle East 2017, following the resounding success of the global launch of my men's collection at the show last year," said Vietri.

"Gulf consumers love exclusivity and luxury that's entirely unique, and I am looking forward to presenting to customers and retailers something completely different from anything they have seen before," added Vietri.

Antonio Vietri is one of more than 60 exhibitors from 18 countries at Leatherworld Middle East 2017, which will take place from April 30-May 2 in Dubai. The show has been organised by Messe Frankfurt Middle East.

Dozens of other exhibitors will also launch their latest products and services at the Middle East's only dedicated trade fair spanning the leather industry's entire value chain. IkhayaElite Collection from South Africa is a first-time exhibitor in 2017, and will introduce its genuine exotic ostrich skin travel bags, handbags and accessories.

Leatherworld Middle East 2017 also returns with the Fashion Avenue, where a talented team of students from prestigious fashion institute ESMOD Dubai will reveal their creative flair with an inspiring array of leather garments, handbags and accessories. Eleven looks from the institute have been selected to be exclusively showcased at the event.

ESMOD Dubai's founder & CEO, Tamara Hostal, said the creations were developed from leathers provided by Leatherworld Middle East exhibitors Afriwest and Al Khaznah Tannery – the UAE's only tannery producing chrome free eco-friendly camel hides.

"The final pieces will be mostly seen as dress creations in full leather or paired with cotton in a palette of beige, turquoise, navy blue, camel and cappuccino. The themes this year revolve around galaxy, space and zero gravity," said Hostal.

Leatherworld Middle East 2017 spans the entire value chain of the global leather industry, from semi-finished and finished animal hides, chemicals, and machinery to finished leather goods, including footwear, clothing, bags, wallets, and accessories.

The ultra-luxurious B2B platform will return with other key show highlights such as the Trend Area, a showcase of leather innovations seen for the first time; Leather Production for tanneries and dealers of semi-finished and finished animal hides; and the Shoe Box, a dedicated section for mid to high-end leather footwear.

"Leatherworld Middle East was designed to showcase innovative and novel products and ground-breaking designs in leather manufacturing, design and finishing," said Ahmed Pauwels, CEO of Frankfurt Middle East. "The show's vast reach makes it a very efficient vehicle to reach the potentially lucrative regional market."

Leatherworld Middle East 2017 will feature national pavilions from France, South Africa, Indonesia, and for the first time, Egypt, while supporting associations are headed by the French Hides Association, the French Federation of Tanners, South African Footwear and Leather Export Council, the Indonesian Footwear Association, and the Egypt Expo and Convention Authority.Read more at:blue formal dresses | http://www.marieaustralia.com/short-formal-dresses


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Serena Williams pregnant

(Photo:bridesmaid dress)

The 35-year-old star took to Snapchat on Wednesday (19Apr17) and revealed she is 20 weeks along.

Serena's selfie featured the court queen posing in a yellow one-piece swimsuit and the simple caption, "20 weeks".

Williams is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, 33. This will be their first child.

The big reveal came a day after the loved-up couple shared a post-Easter snap from a beach vacation.

Serena and tech entrepreneur Alexis announced their engagement in the form of a poem on 29 December (16) via Reddit.

Serena wrote: "I came home. A little late. Someone had a bag packed for me. And a carriage waited. Destination: Rome..."

She went on to reveal she and Alexis were first introduced in the romantic Italian city, and called Rome "the place where our stars first collided". The tennis star then described the moment Alexis popped the question to her, revealing the proposal took place at the venue where they first met.

"At the same table we first met by chance, this time he made it not by chance, but by choice," she wrote. She ended the sweet poem by adding: "Down on one knee, he said 4 words... And I said yes."

Serena, who first met the 33-year-old entrepreneur in 2015, revealed her family plans last year (16), telling America's Glamour magazine, "I definitely want to have kids one day. That's always something I've wanted as long as I could remember. And the older I get, the more I'm like, 'I'm too young!'

"Hopefully I'll be able to mature one of these days, get serious, and at least have them (kids) pretty fast."

Ohanian is the latest in a long line of suitors for Serena - she has also dated filmmaker Brett Ratner, basketball player Amar'e Stoudemire, and rapper Common.Read more at:2017 formal dresses


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Katy Perry

Katy Perry


Katy Perry introduced her new footwear line at an Easter brunch event during the Coachella festival on Sunday.

The star of the show posed for the paparazzi while standing inside a massive version of one of her high-heeled red, black and white shoes. The Firework hitmaker wore an all-white shorts, tank top and fishnet cover-up outfit with her feet sporting the new line's bunny motif flats, designed as a tribute to a beloved pair she found in a charity shop 15 years ago.

She called the event a Recovery Brunch and tried out the assorted stations aimed at helping guests recover from the wild weekend's excesses. There was a make-your-own Bloody Mary station, an oxygen bar, and a Juicero stand, where guests could load up on organic cold-press juices. Fried chicken and waffles were also on the menu with vegan alternatives available too.

Katy announced the Katy Perry Footwear Line last year and initially hoped for a January (17) launch for the spring collection. "I have a two-car garage full of shoes and my dream is to bring personality shoes to the marketplace at an affordable price for women (ages) 16 to 40 or beyond," she told Women's Wear Daily last September (16).

She planned a collection of 60 styles inspired in part by her global travels.

The collection's price point is important to Perry, as she shared with the fashion bible last year.

"I am always conscious of my audience," she noted. "At my shows, I could jack up the ticket price for my peers, but I always have a price range available for that person who's always been my fan."

Her own fairly poor upbringing is never far from her thoughts.

"I didn't grow up with any money and I was always getting by by the skin of my teeth, so affordable is just ingrained in me."Read more at:backless formal dresses


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Perfect spot

DREAM: Curtis and Alyssia Fisher got the wedding experience they dreamed of at Whitehaven Beach.

(Photo:elegant evening dresses)

ALYSSIA and Curtis Fisher had their hearts set on Whitehaven Beach as the perfect destination to tie the knot.

Not even Cyclone Debbie stood in the way of their resolve with the iconic location looking as beautiful as ever on April 10, a week and a half after Debbie struck the coast.

Whitehaven's defining features were amplified with clear blue skies, water and trademark white sand.

Noting the unique nature of the iconic island, the UK couple decided they wanted to get hitched at Whitehaven Beach before moving back home to England.

Whitsunday Wedding Planner Jessica Lawrence said the Fishers got the wedding experience of their dreams.

"They absolutely loved it, it was wonderful for them,” she said.

"They were there a couple of days prior on a day trip so they knew there was tree damage and they were really happy with the beach and how it looked with water still blue and sand still white, its still picture perfect.”

"They really wanted to do their marriage here because they don't have anything like that in the UK.”

The Fishers weren't the only couple to tie the knot during the Cyclone Debbie aftermath, with two other weddings that weekend and another three expected for this weekend.Read more at:australian formal dresses


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Eating fats helps keep me thin

Vanessa Hudgens

Actress Vanessa Hudgens relies on eating foods with a high fat content to keep her slim and fit.

The pretty brunette gained 20 pounds to play a pregnant teenager in 2013 drama Gimme Shelter, but quickly lost the weight thanks to a committed diet - and an avocado a day.

"I need high fats," Vanessa shares in the May (17) issue of Women's Health magazine. "If I'm not getting enough, my body holds on to calories. We've been trained to think that fats are bad, but they're so good - a source of energy and sustenance that keeps you going through the day. That's the only way I can not eat carbs."

The star adds, "Since I got back to eating like this the last month or so, I've lost 10 pounds. That's a lot for my height."

Don't be fooled by her size - petite Vanessa is strong and resilient when it comes to intense cardio exercise.

"I'm really competitive when it comes to fitness; I like being around people so I can compete," she shares, noting group fitness classes like SoulCycle has become a twice-a-week fix - and one of her favourite things to do. "Put me on a bike in a room with loud music, and I'm happy. It's like dancing without the stress of worrying if you look good."

Vanessa does not feign modesty about the physical gains she makes through her regular exercise routine - she likes to show off her fit body at the gym by foregoing T-shirts in favour of sports bras.

"I don't like to wear T-shirts when I work out because it's better motivation when I can see my body," she explains.

When she is not kicking butt in a cycling class, Vanessa prefers to stretch out by doing Pilates or yoga, exercise practices she considers "therapy".Read more at:long evening dresses | evening gowns


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Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, who was seen walking the ramp as the Brand Ambassador of Melange Lifestyle Summer Collection launch, said Melange Fashion matches her choice but has nothing to do with her next movie Manikarnika.

When asked by media if her own fashion elements will be seen in her next film she said, “Neeta Lula is our designer for the film Manikarnika- the Queen of Jhansi and she is still working on it. The first look of the movie will be soon out”

When asked does she follow the Melange fashion in her daily life she shared the similarity the brand shares with the actress by saying, “I am like a companion with Melange Lifestyle because we share the same liking towards fashion and I use their dress most of the time.”

When media questioned about her choice of, a bold and Feminist Kangana replied, “We are contemporary Indian woman who seek our roots from our tradition yet we look into the future when it comes to fashion. Fashion not only means what you endorse as a material it means what you are or interpretation to who you are.”

When compared western fashion lifestyle to Indian Kangana patriotically replied, “I am a modern Indian woman and I want to take my sensibility of Indian fashion ahead like kurtas which makes me much comfortable.”

Kangana said she was under great pressure for the shoot as it is something she has never played before. Her characters have been more dramatic and she explained it as, “I had been to Vaishnodevi to seek blessings before starting the shoot as this is very different from any character I have played and I don’t want to anything to go wrong.”

Manikarnika-The queen Of Jhansi is a biopic which is yet to be revealed in detail but we all know that Neeta Lula is designing the costumes and Kangana Ranaut plays the role of Rani Laxmibai. It is directed by KV Vijayendra Prasad who also penned Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan which means we can expect a lot from the movie.Read more at:year 12 formal dresses | formal dresses 2017


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Dress code

Authorities should review dress code guidelines and implement a standardised code for all.

Social activist Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said this would ensure the dress code was not left to the interpretation of over-zealous enforcement or security officers.

Lee said although there were dress codes in place, the practice was still left to the interpretation of enforcement personnel of the respective departments and agencies.

He said it was high time for the Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said to intervene and seek a once-and-for-all solution to the issue of decency.

“The Chief Secretary to the Government should step in and put a stop to moral policing by various departments and agencies,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Lee was referring to the incident on Thursday when Women’s Aid Organisation assistant treasurer Meera Samanther was told that her outfit was indecent by a security personnel at the Parliament entrance.

Meera said she was shocked when the security personnel approached her and said her skirt was too short.

A lawyer by profession, Meera said she was wearing her usual court attire, which included a knee-length skirt.

Lee said the issue at hand was “what appears decent to one, may not appear so to others”.

“This is why a clear-cut dress code, which must not be disputed by any Government agencies or department, is needed.

“The incident clearly indicates inconsistency in enforcing the dress code as the victims had been wearing similar attire when in court or entering other government buildings,” he said.Read more at:formal dress shops brisbane | cheap formal dresses melbourne


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Art and Design

FASHION: Angela Keeler, left, a graphic designer from clothing company Superdry, with Cleveland College of Art and Design student David Harker

A FASHION designer who learnt the ropes from Alexander McQueen has given an inspiring talk to students.

Angela Keeler, a graphic designer with the clothing company Superdry, shared her expertise with students from Cleveland College of Art and Design in Hartlepool, as part of a series of guest lectures.

She completed an internship with Alexander McQueen, a leading British designer and worked with clients such as John Lewis, Waitrose and Lexus on her way up the career ladder.

She said: “My first role at a London agency was a highlight for me and being around talented art directors, photographers, designers and artworkers was a great experience.

“Getting the role at Superdry was a big moment too, as I had always wanted to work for a fashion brand and I have learnt so much as the role is so varied.

“If you are really lucky it is possible to leave university and go straight into a paid junior role, but in my experience employers want to see what you can do and what you have done before taking you on, which I wanted to prepare the students for.

“Taking an internship was definitely my breakthrough into a design career.”

David Harker, 27, from Billingham, a final year graphic design and communication degree student, said: “Angela gave a real insight into the design industry and I took away a great deal from the talk.

“It gave me a lot to think about when I graduate and opened up a number of directions that I can take, rather than focusing on one particular area of graphic design.”Read more at:plus size formal dresses australia | black evening dress


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HM Ups Its Green Game

Hennes & Mauritz AB on Tuesday set the next milestone in its quest to close the loop on its production with a pledge to use only recycled or green materials in its products by 2030.

The ambitious goal was one of several laid out in the Swedish high-street player’s 2016 Sustainability Report. H&M also said it will work to reduce more greenhouse gas emissions than it emits, with the aim of becoming climate positive throughout its entire value chain by 2040.

The retailer has been steadily ramping up its green initiatives as competition heats up between fast-fashion giants to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Inditex last year unveiled a major program, including the development of new textile fibers and a wide-scale domestic recycling project.

In 2011, H&M launched the Conscious Collection, which uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton, organic linen, Tencel and recycled polyester. This was followed in 2013 by a garment collection program that allows customers to drop off used clothing at its stores.

“It’s great to see that the interest in sustainability is increasing all over, from customers to shareholders to other brands and other actors within the industry,” Anna Gedda, head of sustainability at H&M, told WWD.

“It’s of course good that everyone is pushing the development, but for us, we’re not doing this to beat our competitors. For us, this is really about safeguarding that we’re going to be in the industry not just in the next three years, but in the next 30 years,” she added.

Environmental group Greenpeace has rated H&M and Inditex among the front-runners in its “Detox My Fashion” campaign. Together with Benetton, they were awarded “avant-garde” status last year for their progress toward the goal of eliminating hazardous chemicals from the manufacture of clothes by 2020.

However, critics say the underlying fast-fashion business model is still one of growth and increasing production and consumption, which presents major challenges to environmental sustainability.

H&M reported that recycled and other sustainably sourced materials accounted for 26 percent of the textiles used in its products last year. But Gedda said the supply of sustainable materials was insufficient for future industry needs.

“We need to expand and scale up the more sustainable cotton cultivation that takes place today, both including organic but also better cotton, and then we need to invest in a lot more innovation,” she said.

“Today, for example, you are able to make new products out of old products on a very limited scale. We can do it with denim, for example, but because the fiber is so delicate, you need to blend in new material as well. In the future, we only want to use old fibers,” Gedda explained.

Through the nonprofit H&M Foundation, the retailer has met with entrepreneurs developing technology concepts that make the clothing industry more sustainable.

At its Global Change Award ceremony in Stockholm on Wednesday, the foundation is due to reveal how its grant of 1 million euros, or $1.09 million, will be allocated between the five winning projects.

H&M has so far collected 39,000 tons of unwanted textiles through its stores, equivalent to 196 million T-shirts, according to Gedda. By 2020, it aims to collect at least 25,000 tons of textiles every year, up from 16,000 in 2016.

“We know that around 2060, we’re going to be 10 billion people [on Earth], and all those people will need clothes somehow. At the same time, we have very finite resources. What we would like to do is to separate those two so that we can provide clothes that are good-looking, that are sustainable and affordable to many people,” said Gedda.

“Becoming 100 percent circular, of course, involves more than just materials: It involves how the products are designed, how the material is processed and also how the product is used by the consumer and what happens with the material afterwards,” she added.

To achieve its climate goal, H&M will focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy and compensating for unavoidable emissions with efforts to boost the planet’s climate resilience and support so-called carbon sinks — projects such as forests that capture carbon or other global-warming pollutants from the atmosphere.

The high street chain also pledged to switch to 100 percent renewable electricity. Last year, 96 percent of its global electricity in its own operations came from renewable sources, up from 78 percent in 2015.

For now, H&M is not passing on the extra cost of more sustainable materials to its customers.

“We’ve been working with organic cotton for a really long time, and that extra price is not paid by the consumer but rather by us. We believe that that is simply an investment in the product and in what our customers are expecting from us,” said Gedda.

“If we’re going to reach the material goal we have for 2030, of course, short term we’re going to need investment, and also paying higher prices for more sustainable materials, but with that kind of demand, you also get bigger supply and ultimately, the prices will go down. So in the long term, we can also see that there are real business benefits coming out of these quite big, bold and ambitious sustainability goals,” she concluded.Read more at:bridesmaid dress | cheap formal dresses melbourne


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