Du-Pont ventures into fashion

Television personality Amanda Du-Pont is taking her fans with on her journey to fashion royalty.

The Skeem Saam actress has ventured into fashion by launching her online store, Tribe Capitol.

"Tribe Capitol has been an idea brewing for years," says Du-Pont.

"When I was in university, I sold clothes and hair from the back of my boot. I later ventured [out] to do collaborations with other brands where I had my own lines.

"This for me was a trial. I was testing the market to see if I ventured into my own hub of products, would I sell out? Obviously, with all business, initial capital is needed, so it was just a matter of time and saving to have enough to start up."

She says that she was "blessed to have a silent partner and investor who got the ball rolling".

"I love fashion and have naturally gravitated to business. So meshing the two was a no-brainer."

The Swazi beauty says her online business has been doing very well in its first few days. "To my surprise, the store is doing well.

"My team and I were well aware that we are in January, so we expected minimal or no sales. But, to our surprise and [by] God's grace, our online store has gained so much traction," said Du-Pont.

Being a fashion guru is not an easy job so, to help achieve her goal of sitting nicely on the fashion high seat,

Du-Pont has opened up to suggestions from fans on what items they would like to buy.

"Tribe Capitol stocks trendy fashion items.

"Definitely my style or items I'm currently wearing. We are, however, a people's store and have a mailer where customers can communicate what they would like us to stock and in which sizes."

On her other plans for the year, she says: "I have a few ventures I'm currently working on with different brands and I'm excited for people to see these unfold throughout the year. I have also started my own YouTube channel."Read more at:formal dresses brisbane | formal dresses perth


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Pipeline Fashions

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

A local fashion house, Pipeline Fashions has pledged to support the fashion industry in Zimbabwe this year by hosting a number of shows in the country.

Speaking at their inaugural fashion show held over the weekend at a lhotel in Harare, one of the directors Simbarashe Mambanda said they were determined to make the fashion industry a success.

“We are looking to a great year as we will be hosting a number of fashion shows as a way of appreciating the existence of the fashion industry in the country,” he said.

He said it was an obligation of every person in fashion to help the industry grow.

“We have to support our own industry as its stakeholders therefore it is up to every Zimbabwean to support it.

“In that light we as Pipeline Fashions will continue hosting such fashion shows as our way of supporting the sector,” he said.

The event saw several male models among them Kumbirai Mukudu, Thomas Chizhanje and Praise Chitsawo going on the ramp to showcase some of the products that were on display.

On the night Pipeline Fashions also honoured several personalities in the fashion industry that included Lisborn Mhonda.

“Today we are having a fashion show for men but when we come back next time we are definitely making it bigger and better,” he said.

Mambanda and his counterpart Tawanda Ncube started as mobile vendors for clothes during lunch time in the capital and would use their personal cars to sell the clothes in the city.

They discovered a niche market for corporate and casual office wear which was in high demand.

They later switched from selling to hiring out suits for special occasions especially weddings.

Last year, they managed to a serve a huge clientele and also dressed local celebrities among them Josh Kayz, Kuda Mutsvene and the recently wedded Comic Pastor.

As their business grew, the two then upgraded to a boutique and are now planning to grow their branch network countrywide were they have already attracted a number of clients.

Loyal customers who were with them from the time they held car boot sales received gratuity gifts at the function.Read more at:formal evening dresses | formal dresses 2017


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Allison Williams Says People

Allison Williams' pop of orange will certainly stand out among the all-black ensembles on the Golden Globes red carpet this year, but wearing black in support of the Time's Up initiative means "everything" to her, she says.

"I love the idea of people all over the country wearing black," Williams told ET's Kevin Frazier. "I love that the people watching the Globes are going to wear black. I love that it's people coming together to do something, and if you're not wearing black, it's not that kind of militant thing. It's a message. It's a way of expressing your support for this movement and the fact that it's time to support one another."

In addition to the fashion blackout in protest against sexual harassment, Williams, as with so many of the actresses in attendance, was galvanized to speak about the positive change that is coming for the industry and beyond, with the creation of Time's Up's legal defense fund and tonight's celebration of social activists attending the Globes alongside actresses like Meryl Streep and Emma Watson.

"This movement isn't just for people who have access and money and who can hire the best lawyers in the world. It's for everyone in all industries," she explained. "It's a beautiful gesture of all the leaders of Time's Up to create this fund and ask from people who have a lot to pitch in and offer their services to people that don't have as much. So for whatever business they're in they can get the support they so badly need. That is the beautiful kind of cohesive part of this message tonight."

Get Out is nominated for Best Picture, Comedy or Musical, and Williams revealed that the reception to her character in the movie wasn't exactly surprising after playing Marnie on Girls for six seasons. "It's not like people were welcoming me with open arms," she said with a laugh. "It went from, like, distance to, like, fear."

"I understand that and I will sit in that until the next thing. I'm proud to have played the evilest part of a movie that needed to make an important point when it came out," she added.

Despite starring in one of the biggest movies of the year, Williams joked that the biggest way her life has changed is in her interactions with TSA. "Last time I had [an airport] greeter, I noticed that he was listening to his radio and laughing," Williams said. "Then I realized people were asking him if he was OK. They were constantly asking for his location in the airport. They were like, 'Where are you?' He's like, 'I'm at Starbucks.' They're like, 'Are you OK?' 'I'm OK.' People were joking, but it can't all be joking. Eventually they were like, 'Just let us know if something weird happens. Don't let her touch a teacup.'"Read more at:formal dresses sydney | white formal dresses


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Stretch your energy

Leading Italian knitted fabrics producer Eurojersey is inviting visitors to explore the potential and performing innovation of its Sensitive Fabrics at the ISPO Munich international trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion, which takes place from 28-31 January 2018.

The Sensitive Fabrics range is said to allow the creation of garments that are suitable for every occasion. The brand is offering a winning combo of versatility and performance interpreted in a vast range of Sensitive Fabrics suitable for sportswear, “to unleash your potential and boost your energy, no matter what your favourite sport is.”

Urban ElastiCity

Urban ElastiCity is the mood chosen by Eurojersey for its 2018 advertising campaign and for the concept of its ISPO stand. An urban active concept represents embracing every movement, with fabrics that stylishly follow the body shape, sculpting the silhouette and providing a correct support.

For this edition of ISPO in Munich, Eurojersey has chosen to put the spotlight on the importance of performance, even in the toughest conditions, not only in its fabrics but also in the 3D installation of its exposition space. An all-embracing graphic design, which starts from the floor and spreads as far as the eye can see in a high-tech image, is represented by the new 2018 campaign exclusively previewed at this important trade event.

An image is projected and launched against the urban skyline of Milan. A testimonial is by Fabrizia D’Ottavio, former gymnast and Italian Olympic medal holder in rhythmic gymnastics at the XXVIII edition of the Olympic Games in the team event, who interprets lightness and rhythmicity in stretch your energy sensation of Sensitive Fabrics.

Comfort meets innovation

The company is inviting visitors to enter the world of Sensitive Fabrics to explore all aspects of the brand’s technical innovation. Fabrics have been developed to offer a highly technical content, balanced between fashion and performance, functionality and aesthetics, thanks to the perfect shape retaining, even after frequent washing and wear, as well as quick drying time.

Sensitive Fabrics are said to offer excellent comfort thanks to innovative technologies for advanced performance: shaping, laser cuts, flocking, pleats and the most advanced printing technologies, such as Ecoprint technology for delicate contrasts and tone on tone effects.

“Ideal for all weather conditions, fabrics also protect from sun rays and adapt naturally to the body shape with just the right compression,” the company explains. “Moreover, a high degree of elasticity facilitates body movements in any situation, generating unrestricted comfort even in the case of extreme performances.

“These fabrics are ideal for outfits that innovatively combine an extremely elevated research content with functionality and good looks, also thanks to very fine raw edged layers eliminating bulkiness, with zero pilling and wrinkle free – all factors, which testify to the high quality and versatility of Sensitive Fabrics.”


Eurojersey, founded in 1960, is a leader in designing and manufacturing of Italian-made warp knit fabrics, thanks to its patented range called Sensitive Fabrics.

Developed in 1989, Sensitive Fabrics are designed as lightweight, breathable, and versatile, with unique technical features and functionality and meet the most modern solid and printed trends. They are suitable for ready to wear, lingerie, beachwear and sportswear collections. These fabrics allow body mapping and matching between different materials, acting as a second skin due to their structure. The ultra-flat surface is perfect for raw cut hems, and is said to ensure that the fabric will not curl or pill, thus maintaining its look over time.

Today, the company has a unique vertical production plant in Europe, designed by the famous Italian architect Antonio Citterio, with a team of 197 people providing a pioneering example of efficiency and productivity with an annual production capacity of 15 million metres of fabric.Read more at:formal dresses online | cocktail dresses


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